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    Chloe x Halle – Their Transformation into Superstars

    The extremely talented twin R&B duet Chloe x Halle have been blowing up lately due to their new album Ungodly Hour. Even before this new project it was clear they were on the rise. From their teenage years to the women they are now, both Chloe and Halle Bailey have been evolving as musicians. Watching them over the years become what they are now has been amazing to see. 


    Many remember Chloe and Halle as young girls singing on YouTube. They would spend their time recording songs with beautiful harmonies that seemed impossible for girls that age to perform. From the beginning, the sisters have had naturally beautiful voices. They are vocalists, songwriters, and producers; this is something you can definitely hear in their music. These two women are seriously talented, creative, and completely down to earth.


    Since being signed by Beyoncé to Park wood Entertainment, their careers have really taken off to the next level. In the past decade, the girls have matured not only as women, but as musicians as well. Their lyrics have evolved into more grown topics that are more appropriate for these 20 something women. 

    In their new album Ungodly Hour, Chloe and Halle are represented as strong empowering females. The album is about self love and the more mature side of the duet. The album debuted at #1 with no surprise. These girls have a huge career ahead of them as the world anticipates more music from this beautiful pair.

    Stream Ungodly Hour now.


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