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    China’s Military Has Been Eating their Veggies: Will Be Strongest in the Land

    China has been making some huge advances lately. Recently, they’ve been reported to be building their own version of an artificial moon, set to cast it’s light over Chengdu. Now, it’s been reported that they may have just as much fire power as the United States.

    On Wednesday morning, the annual congressional report stated that China’s military could surpass the strength of America’s, no later than 2050. With all the new advancements in hypersonic weapons, cyber abilities, and space defense, the accomplishment isn’t something Xi Jinping, Chinese President, doubts. Jinping has been pushing for greater changes within the way the China’s military operates.

    “We’re seeing a massive reorganization of the [Chinese] military in order to provide more guidance from the top,” said Robin Cleveland. Cleveland is the commission’s chair for the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission. Jinping and the country’s communist party are working side-by-side to bring China’s economic and security organizations to new threatening heights.

    It’s likely that the US could enhance their military in the years to come, stopping China from taking the lead, but revisions would have to start pronto.

    China has already made significant strides with their development of drones stealth warplanes, missiles, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and more, as according to one expert. However, their biggest accomplishment is in the form of hypersonic missiles. Reports show that, this year, China increased their military budget to $175 billion.


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