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    China Mac Checks Ebro On Who Can Say “Nigga”

    China Mac is coming after Ebro over usage of the n-word and says that Asian should be allowed.

    Earlier this week, Ebro spoke about who was allow to use the n-word in hip hop. He said:

    “Black music has always welcomed everyone, but if you don’t respect & understand what is off limits… You are NOT welcome.”

    Well China Mac had something to say about that. In an Instagram video, China Mac says that the n-word is about culture. He also says that culture is not about skin color, but where you are from.

    “If the n-word is so culturally sensitive the way that I know it can be, why is it so accepted by mainstream popular culture? You know why? Because of people like you.”

    Mac then goes onto say that people think that “Asians are affluent and do not go through poverty.”

    In 2019, it should not be a question of who can and not say the n-word. The word is a reclaimed slur for black people. If you are not black, you cannot say a slur reclaimed by us. Period.

    But, what do you think about who can or cannot say the n-word? Let us know with a comment below. Also, be sure to keep visiting Hypefresh for more news on culture!


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