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    Chicken: 5 Ways Fried Chicken is Prepared All Over The World

    We all have to admit that we love chicken, even those who don’t eat meat, model a lot of plant based dishes with inspiration from the gem. When we think of fried chicken, we think of it as being a southern delicacy. Of course, the finger licking goodness is currently domicile to southern America. However, there are cultures all over the world who also like to indulge in the guilty pleasure. There is a surprising origin of fried poultry; however, this is just a didactic of the philosophy of the greasy delectable. Although the south claims fried chicken, there are studies that beg to differ.

    5 Ways Fried Chicken is Prepared Around the World


    Chinese Fried ChickenBeginning with China, the chicken is sacred as Chinese beliefs state that they can predict the future because they announce daybreak, according to BBC. The Chinese cooking technique of the famous fried chicken is a different sight to see. Instead of deep frying the chicken in Crisco, like American culture, the Wok makes the magic. Chicken usually soaks in soy overnight then is tossed in a wok in peanut oil.




    Japanese Fried Chicken

    Every year in Japan, Japanese families order the American dish to enjoy on Christmas. It is a natural tradition. Indeed, the Japanese adopted their style of frying. Of course, the meat soaks in a soy base marinade, but the key ingredient is potato starch! The potato starch is what gives the dish its unique crisp, according to Cooking.New York Times. 

    Sweden, Ethiopia 

    Coconut Fried Chicken

    Marcus Samuelsson, is a Swedish-Ethiopian master chef who is known for his very popular, coconut fried chicken. He uses Seminola flour, coconut milk and cornstarch to create an insatiable texture for the mouth watering dish.




    Korean Fried Chicken

    Since the end of the Korean conflict in the late 50s, a yummy style of making fried chicken in South Korea is still alive and well decades later. It is double fried, sometimes even triple fried for an extra crispy exterior.

    Southern Fried 

    Maybe the best for last? The American fried chicken is unmatched and reinvented in clever ways. It is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Deep friend in Crisco, double battered, dipped in buttermilk and flour and seasonings. There will be many, but never the one.


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