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    Oops! Too Much Green…Chicago River Causes a Twitter Reaction

    The Chicago River undergoes a big transformation every year for St. Patrick’s Day.

    And this year was no different. On Saturday, the river continued its a tradition of going green–a ritual upheld since 1962. Only this year, things got a bit carried away.

    Usually, the river takes on more than 40 pounds of “Leprechaun Dust” to get the job done. However, it looks as if there may have been an extra pound added. This year, as a crowd of more than 20,000 Chicagoans gathered to watch, the river took on an even brighter shade of green than normal.

    It was so bright, that one Twitter user took the opportunity to have some fun. Because this year’s color was so much like that of a green-screen, Donnacha Kenny used his talent to change the background.

    In the Twitter spoof, Kenny transforms the river into scolding hot lava, a hill of ants, a Star Wars clip, and a few other cool images.

    Kenny’s creation was so unique, that it caught the attention of over 125,000 people.

    Thoughts? If you were an artist, what would you have changed the river’s background to? Share your ideas with us below, using the comment section.

    And after, be sure to keep visiting Hypefresh for more LOL news!


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