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Chic-Fil-A LGBTQ+ Ban


Chic-Fil-A Denied Opening In Airport Because Of Anti-LGBTQ+ Support Iniatives

Illustration: Kamaal Holly

The Trump administration might actually be doing some work outside of giving the Country further headaches for once. Currently, a team is looking into an official probe of a ban of Chic-Fil-A restaurants into airports. 

The gourmet food giant known as Chic-Fil-A has taken the nation by storm. Their grade A customer service, and quality food has helped to establish them as a powerhouse in the fast food market. You can always count on the best when entering a Chic-Fil-A establishment. Above all the chain Christian organization, which may cause major conflict.

Chic-Fil-A LGBTQ+ Ban

Apparently, the Trump administration is looking into the Chic-fil-A establishment. Two airports ended up overlooking the establishment since they help to fund anti-LGBT groups. Back in the month of March both San Antonio, Texas, and Buffalo, New York rejected the chain’s overall request to open in the airport. It is believed that the  LGBTQ+ campaigners who were apart of a long-running boycott are influencing the decision. Allegedly the owner of the organization has donated millions of dollars to an anti-LGBT cause. Furthermore, the funding will help to operate groups as opposed to LGBTQ+ rights.

 “The Department of Transportation has received complaints alleging discrimination by two airport operators against a private company due to the expression of the owner’s religious beliefs.
“FAA’s Office of Civil Rights has notified the San Antonio International Airport (SAT) and Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) that it has opened investigations into these complaints.
“The FAA notes that federal requirements prohibit airport operators from excluding persons on the basis of religious creed from participating in airport activities that receive or benefit from FAA grant funding.

This is what the restaurant chain spokesperson ended up releasing:

“We are grateful for all our customers and are glad to serve them at any time. Welcome and embrace all people, regardless of religion, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Should Chic-Fil-A LGBTQ+ Ban be allowed in the airports? Will they be able to work something out with the airports? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

Illustration: Kamaal Holly 

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