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    Chemistry Proffesors Arrested For Making Meth!!!

    2 Arkansas Chemistry professors are real-life, Walter Whites After Being Arrested for making Meth.

    Terry Bateman and Bradley Rowland must have been big Breaking Bad fans because they basically stole Walter Whites’ idea. The 2 men are former professors at Henderson State university but now are on leave. After an incident involving a “weird” odor in the science department investigators started looking into what was causing the smell.

    What police found is something straight out of a TV Show.  Apparently the smell was Benzoyl Chloride, a chemical agent used for many things including making meth. The two men were using the campus lab to make their meth.Chemistry Proffesors Arrested-2

    They both now face charges including Manufacturing Meth and using Drug Paraphernalia. Bateman and Rowland are both associate professors at the university and have been on administrative leave since early October.

    Days before the professors where place on leave the “odor” incident occurred. This caused the science building to be closed for almost a month. During this time both the school and local authorities were investigating the origins of the smell which led them to Bateman And Rowland.

    One local news station got a statement from a student about the meth incident. In the statement Ebuka Okeke, a sophomore at the school said he had heard rumors but now that the teachers were arrested is shocked to know it was true.  Other people probably feel the same way. It’s one thing to see something like this happen on TV it’s another to have it actually happen in real life.

    Meth is one of the most addictive and dangerous illegal drugs out there.

    All across the country, people have been blown up in meth houses. Even more, the harm it does to people’s bodies and families is horrible as well. With the opioid crisis at an all-time high it’s easy to forget about other drugs. However, this case will bring a little attention back to the dangers of crystal meth.

    What do you guys think about the teachers making Meth?

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