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    Check Your Toilets Before Using Them! There Might Be A Python In Your Pipes!

    Pythons coming out of toilets? Seems to be a thing now.

    A family has been left terrified to go to the toilet after a Python was found lurking in the bowl!

    The yellow and white Python snake was discovered at the bottom of the toilet bowl. This is after it had escaped into the sewer systems in Southhampton.

    Richard Grant says his wife ran from the toilet after seeing the snake in the toilet!

    Upon the discovery, Grant called his friend Cornell Collins, who previously owned a snake and came to the rescue by removing the creature with a shoelace.

    “He gently lifted it out of the toilet using a shoelace tied in a bow before putting it in a pillowcase and taking it to a pet shop.”

    It’s thought the non-venomous snake was an escaped pet.

    Mr Grant said: “I think they either got rid of it or it escaped and got into the sewers, where it appears to have been bitten by a rat.

    “I’d say the shock, on a scale of one to 10, was about 15. It was horrible – so creepy.

    “Even now I can’t talk about it without coming out in goose pimples.”

    “My wife went up to use the bathroom and came downstairs screaming. One of my children went to have a look and was shaking and panicking when he came back,” Grant said.

    “We were all in a state of shock and not very keen to go back upstairs.”

    Grant tried to call the RSPCA, however, they notified him that they would not be able to come to remove the animal until the next day.

    Once the snake was removed, the family is so terrified they can’t bring themselves to use the bathroom again!

    Fun fact, snakes are able to travel through the sewer systems as there are plenty of dry surfaces for them to move across.

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    Featured Image: Daily Star


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