Check Out This Awesome HLZBLZ Holiday 15′ Collection

Awesome HLZBLZ

This holiday season HLZBLZ proudly presents Watch & Learn”, an homage to a cultural phenomenon that would go on to influence an entire generation. The collection is reminiscent of a time when the music video reigned supreme and style cues were taken from artists who were products of culturally influenced fashion before the internet and the professional blogger. A golden age of the MTV generation, when music met television and youth subculture for an awe-inspiring unplugged spectacle starring headbangers and raps in the real world.

Graphically this source of inspiration is most evident in the “HB Punk” sweater, featuring a nod to 90’s R&B heavyweights reimagined via punk rock contemporaries and their respective iconography. Just as the music video programming of the time, the collection also features a mashup of sorts in the “Rude Girl” bomber jacket featuring custom embroidered patches.

This new collection is a tribute to the 90’s spirit of music, fashion and youth subculture while maintaining a graphic language true to the HLZBLZ brand DNA. Its a reminder from the Youth of Then to the Youth of Now that empowerment, knowledge and style is not necessarily always found in the blogosphere but in our own cultural backyard. All you have to do is take a look around and watch & learn.

The Watch & Learn Collection is now available on and coming soon to select retail locations.


Art Direction + Styling: Misslawn | Photography: Ro.lexx| Model: Alexis MacKenzie

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