Check Out The Top Super Bowl 50 Commercials Before The Game (Videos)

Commercials Before

Some people will watch the Super Bowl because of the Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers matchup and some people really don’t care and simply want to see the Super Bowl 50 commercials.

Thanks to our friends over at BSO, here are some top SB 50 commercials.

Real Talk with Key and Peele

Restricted Bling with Drake

HEINZ Ketchup GameDay Hot Dog Commercial

Kevin Hard Hyundai Date With Daughter

Moving Dat with Lil Wayne, Jeff Goldblum and G. Washington

Snickers Marilyn Commercial

Snickers Marilyn Commercial

Kia Optima Walken Closet “Big Game” With Christopher Walken

LG Man From The Future With Liam Neeson

Bud Light Party with Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd

Mini USA with Serena, T-Pain, Tony Hawk and More

Audi R8 “Commander” Commercial

Steven Tyler Skittles Commercial

Toyota Prius Chipmunks “Heck on Wheels”


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