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    Check Out The Rolling Stone’s “200 All-Time Singer” List

    Starting in 2023, I’m going to put forward the effort of not giving any ranking list made by a publication. For one, why do we even put value on these meaningless music lists? Someone who’s not even a true music connoisseur usually creates them and it does nothing but cause pointless arguments.

    And that’s exactly what Rolling Stone accomplished with their “200 All-Time Singers” list. Instead of making a list that tastefully pays its respects to the greats, it did the complete opposite. The only thing they succeeded at was putting together a shitty list.

    For that reason, I wanted to highlight five of the biggest discrepancies. This article is not to belittle the original writer or seriously come for their job. Because some of their selections weren’t that bad, such as having Aretha Franklin properly ranked. But some of their selections were so God-awful, I have to point out.

    Brandy at #193?!?

    First, it was Jack Harlow, but this Brandy disrespect has to stop. I’m starting to think White people must’ve missed out on the prime-Brandy era to have her so low on the list. The idea that they think there are 193 singers better than Brandy is asinine.

    No disrespect to the dead at all, but Brandy is vocally better than Aaliyah in every aspect and should be ranked higher. And I don’t want people to think I’m taking away from Aaliyah because we do often take what she was for granted. Artistically and musically wise, Brandy couldn’t even wash Aaliyah’s clothes.

    But when it comes to singing, Brandy is on another level. We have to call a spade a spade.

    Aaliyah is Slightly Overrated

    Speaking of Aaliyah, it was apparent the creator of the list was biased toward her. Because there’s no reason for her to be as high as she is. Kind of like Tupac, fans like to overrate artists after they pass. That’s exactly what happen after Aaliyah tragically passed.

    Aaliyah wasn’t remembered for being one of the best singers. She was remembered for being insanely gifted as a creative. She was truly the complete package! Not that she couldn’t sing, but she was far more talented in other areas, such as songwriting and live performing. Don’t get me wrong, she can sing. Just not as elite as this list suggests.

    Forgot CeliCheck Out The Rolling Stone’s “200 All-Time Singer” Listne Dion

    I’m not even a Celine Dion fan and it hurt me seeing her be omitted from this list. Seeing her being left out almost made me invalidate this entire list. To me, it’s like making a “200 Greatest British bands of All-Time List” and not including the Beatles. It just seems like such an obvious pick.

    If we’re being honest, she’s easily a top 10 singer of all time. Give me another singer (without naming Whitney & Mariah) that can sing like Celine. Out of respect, they should update the article and make an update if they want to retain any semblance of legitimacy.


    I love Rihanna like the next person. But when it’s all said and done, will she truly be remembered as an all-time vocalist? Most likely not. There are people right now in the world who forgot Riri even makes music because it’s been so long.

    For reference, this list has Rihanna higher than Patti LaBelle. That alone deserves an insurrection at Rolling Stone’s headquarters. We can’t just give Rihanna a pass for being a brilliant entrepreneur. If that’s the case, so is Patti LaBelle, who was extremely successful with her frozen pies.

    Rihanna is someone who surpassed her musical contributions with other ventures. But when it comes to actual singing, she’s not coming close to Patti Labelle. Very few can go toe to toe with Mrs. Patti vocally.

    Luther Vandross

    The last thing that I disliked about this list is how they did Luther Vandross. They have Luther Vandross as the 31st best singer. That means they have 30 people, including two people from the Beatles above Luther. How ridiculous is that? I wasn’t even around and for Luther’s greatness and I know this is out of pocket.

    Luther Vandross was an incomparable vocalist, stylist & performer. The Beatles were groundbreaking & innovative. But as singers, they rate as well as many in their generation. No matter which version you pick, Fat Luther or Skinny Luther could sing circles around the damn Beatles.


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