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    Check Out Earl Sweatshirt’s New Song Ft. Maxo

    Earl Releases New Track

    Earl Sweatshirt’s new song “WHOLE WORLD” ft. Maxo dropped at the end of last week. The song was produced by The Alchemist, a veteran in the rap game. The Alchemist has worked with big names over the years like Mobb Deep, Action Bronson, Curren$y, and many more. Check out the song below.

    What to Expect

    It’s always a nice surprise when talented artists randomly drop a song. Especially when someone like Earl does it, who hasn’t necessarily released the most music in recent years. There was a bit of a gap in between when the album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside came out in 2015, and when Some Rap Songs did in 2018. More recently in 2019, he released a 7 song EP titled Feet of Clay.

    A majority of the tracks featured on these works showcase Sweatshirt’s laid back and slow yet impactful flow. Dealing with inner demons is a major theme present within these albums and EPs. Feet of Clay definitely gave off a vibe of darkness.

    Earl Sweatshirt’s new song keeps up the trend of a laid back vibe. A line repeated in the song is “World ’round me steady crumblin”, so there is still a gloomy tone. Although I wouldn’t call this song uplifting, it does take a lighter note than the message of Feet of Clay. Earl drops bars about shedding his past self and making moves towards brighter times.

    Maxo Drops A Solid Feature

    In no way is this meant to take anything away from Maxo, but I had never heard of him before this song. After checking out some of his music though, I have to say that he is actually really quite good. I don’t mean to sound like a total buzzkill, but a lot of new music nowadays lacks a certain level of quality. Even though I just started listening to Maxo, his talent is clear.

    His music gives off a laid back and old-school vibe. The dope songs he’s put out like “In My Penny’s” and “Strongside” go to show just that. I feel like Maxo’s chilled-out flow is a great match for Earl and the Alchemist’s style. Check out the video for Maxo’s song “Time” below, to hear some of his laid back bars.

    Final Thoughts

    Earl Sweatshirt’s new song “WHOLE WORLD” is a solid track to throw on to help relax during these odd times. Hopefully, this isn’t the only thing to expect from Earl, and he will be dropping other songs in the near future. Besides giving this track a listen, I highly suggest checking out Maxo and the Alchemist’s work.

    What are your guy’s thoughts though?

    Are you a fan of “WHOLE WORLD”? And what are some of your other favorite songs by Earl, Maxo, and the Alchemist?


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