Charli XCX’s “Claws” Is Ready For Listening

Charli XCXs Claws Is Ready For Listening

Check out Charli XCX’s “Claws”

Charli XCX’s “Claws” just came out. That’s not all she has in store for the near future though. Her new album ‘how i’m feeling now’ drops in 21 days.

(Listen to Charli XCX’s “Claws” here)

New Album Coming Soon

To be released on May 15th 2020, Charli XCX’s forthcoming new album ‘how i’m feeling now’ is a completely unique project. Written, recorded, and released in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the album invites collaboration in a new way, welcoming fans to give feedback on every aspect of the record; from contributing to videos to songwriting choices, to single selection and more. Following on from a poll hosted by Charli, today she unveils ‘claws’, the Angel-selected second single from the album.

A short, sharp burst of energy, ‘claws’ crackles with futuristic spirit. Produced by Dylan Brady of 100 gets, the track blends pop, hip hop, electronica, and trance with Charli flowing dexterously over the top of the track’s unrelenting instrumental.To coincide with the release of Claws, Charli has commissioned three new artworks for the track, created by Timothy Luke, Naked Cherry, and Sara Cwynar.

Charli XCXs Claws Is Ready For Listening

Exploring the feeling of being close to the one you love every day – ‘claws’ captures the manic jubilation of love in lockdown in a refreshing way; with synths teetering on the edge of discordance, full-bodied 808s and Charli’s innocent delivery juxtaposing and complimenting each other simultaneously before descending into a trance-infused euphoria.

On Wednesday, Charli held her third weekly Zoom conference for 1000 fans, taking questions on the album’s visual creative from the likes of Paris Hilton, Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Little Mix, and RuPaul’s Drag Race favorite Gia Gunn. Watch the session back here.

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