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    Chance the Rapper Pens a heartfelt Co-EP for an Elementary School

    In a co-op in the Chicago Tribute, Chance the Rapper advocates keeping the National Teachers Academy.  The school district of Chicago has plans to close the elementary school. Chance is firmly against that. According to him, the school is important to the community. Chance says ” This investment is not a stamp of approval for the bureaucracy of CPS, but I do want to see CPS students succeed. Instead, I am witnessing what seems to be the never-ending cycle of the displacement of our black and brown children. Unfortunately, this has been the reality for one South Side elementary school, National Teachers Academy. During the last school year, CPS decided to close NTA as an elementary school, so that its building can be used for a new high school. CPS made the decision despite NTA’s educational successes and despite unwavering objections from the NTA community.”

    You can read the full article here. For more news, go to Hypefresh.

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