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    Chance The Rapper Hits 1.5 Billion Streams on Spotify!

    Chance The Rapper has been killing it all 2018!

    The Chicago native has been on the move and continues to be a positive influence in the world of entertainment. His previous project entitled “Coloring Book” raised the bar for independent artist worldwide. After that, Chance proved that not having a major record label backing you can be a good thing. For instance, Just a few days ago the rapper shared a big accomplishment with his Twitter followers. In other words, he managed to stream over 1.5 billion streams through Spotify.

    The world of entertainment continues to change. Simarily, it seems like a successful artist has to look outside the scope of music. The “Coloring Book” rapper is expanding his talent into different markets, most recently it was announced that he is developing a new Chicago themed musical with MGM. In addition, T.I., Cardi B and Chance the rapper are judges on the new Netflix show called Rhythm + Flow. Above all, he is slowly but surely building an Empire for years to come.

    In 2019, Chance is winning heavy in just about every aspect of life. Furthermore,  Mr. 1.5 Billion will be marrying his girlfriend Kirsten Corley. Recently Chance The Rapper showed he has the motherfucking juice by shutting down Barneys for her to go shopping. After that, it’s safe to say that he’s rolling in the door. We look forward to what else the year brings for Chance. He had this to say about everything:

    “Life is good so you gonna get that shit when I’m ready,” he recently said on Instagram when confirming the arrival of his album. “July though.”

    Who would you like to be featured on the rapper’s new album? Will, he has the same success as the 1.5 billion streams? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

    Featured Image Credit: Lester Cohen/WireImage


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