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    Celebrities Trying To Stop A Man From Being Executed!!!!

    Celebrities have come together to try to help save a Death row inmate’s life!!!

    Multiple celebrities have spoken out in an effort to save a death row inmate. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, TI, and Meek Mill are just a few of the celebs who have advocated for Rodney Reed. Reed is an inmate in the Texas prison system who is set to be executed Nov 20 stemming from a conviction of murder 20 years ago.

    In 1998 Reed was convicted of murdering 19-year-old Stacey Stites in Bastrop Texas. Consequently, He was sentenced to the death penalty and has been on Death row ever since. However, Reed has continued claiming his innocence. Although his semen was found inside Ms. Stiles at the time of her death. Reed has stated the relationship between the two was consensual and that he didn’t commit the murder.

    Initially, the detective’s primary suspect was the victim’s fiance at the time.  Jimmy Fennell who was a police officer at the time in Bastrop was initially thought to have committed the crib. However once Reed’s semen was found the focus shifted to him. Although no DNA evidence was collected from the belt strap that was used to strangle Stites. Even more, the fact that Reed’s fingerprints where not present at the crime scene are something his lawyers are arguing proves his innocence.

    Recently more evidence has come forward that may prove the death row inmate was wrongfully convicted.

    Specifically, a recent confession of a former prison mate of Fennell that says he admitted to the crime has sparked the latest controversy. A man by the name of Arthur Snow signed an affidavit that his fellow former Aryan Brotherhood member Fennell told him he killed Stites. According to Snow Fennell joined the gang to get protection while serving a 10-year sentence for kidnapping and rape.  He goes on to say that during one particular conversation, Fennell was discussing Stiles with”a lot of hatred and resentment”. He was especially upset because Stites had dealt with Black men and ended the conversation by saying.

    “I had to kill my n*****-loving fiancée.”

    Other people have come forward expressing that Fennell had shared similar sentiments with them in the past. Making the likelihood that he is the true killer even more likely. Furthermore, the fact that Fennell was a white police officer and Reed was a black civilian at the time of the case doesn’t help.  Additionally, Reed was convicted by an all-white jury of “his peers” in the murder of a white woman in a southern state.  Too many movies and real-life experiences exist to ignore the possibility that race played a factor in this case. Celebrities Trying To Stop A Man-1

    The Celebrities and Reed’s defense team are requesting a stay on the execution. Hoping that the new evidence may shed light on who really killed Stacey Stites. The Governor has a lot to consider in this case. Racial relations in America are in a very sensitive state, this case could prove pivotal

    What do you guys think? Did Rodney Reed murder that woman? or is he innocent and a victim of a broken judicial system?

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