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Women in Egypt Identify with the #MeToo Movement

#MeToo in Egypt: Abused women speak out - BBC News

Executioner Kills People and Enjoys It

An Executioner Explains What It's Like to Legally Kill People

The Thought of Losing Love Crushes Adham Seliman

Adham Seliman is a man in love, but his heart just can't take it.

Adham Seliman Strolls the Beach while in Perfect Pitch

Adham Seliman - Ya Samra (Official Video Clip) | أدهم سليمان - يا سمرا


ANNA BORISOVA - Egyptian Song “Hashtaka”

Ahmed Mekky Has Suicidal Thoughts

Ahmed Mekky faces his demons in "Atr AL Hayah" ( أحمد مكى - قطر الحياة فيديو كليب )

Did Traps Exist in Egyptian Tombs?

Did Booby Traps Really Exist in Ancient Egyptian Tombs? The answers are discussed.

Young Rappers to the Game

young arabic rappers are trying to build a name for themselves in Egypt's music scene...فريق شبيك لبيك

Egyptian Rappers Battle for the Crown

RAP OR DIE - LO RD VS Hamboli - RAP BATTLE *CO-HOST ABYUSIF* | يا تراب يا تموت - لورد ضد حمبولي

Most hated Lesbian in Egypt

This woman can't walk the streets of Egypt without being threatened...because she's a lesbian.

Transgenders in Egypt Aren't Accepted

Life as a transgender person in Egypt can be dangerous - BBC News

QBA Kills Three Students for the Cartel

Mexican Rapper QBA Confesses To Dissolving Students’ Bodies In Acid For Cartel | What's Trending Now

Tamer Hosny Gets His Shit Judged

(Egyptian Rap) Tamer Hosny ft Snoop Dogg - Si Al Sayed (Reaction Video)

Egyptian Rap Battle

First Rap Battle In Egypt +18 : 3aTwa VS Youessf Joker

Egypt Cracks Down on Sexual Assault

Egypt's LGBT Crackdown & Sexual Harassment on The Hill: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

Egyptian Rappers Go at Each Other in Battle

RAP OR DIE - Farghly Blax VS Mahmoud Hussain | يا تراب يا تموت - فرغلي بلاكس ضد محمود حسين

You Can Rent a White Guy to Steal Shit

Egyptian Tomb Raiders | Rent a White Guy (VICE on HBO: Season 3, Episode 8)

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