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Ivory Queen Goes to Jail

Beijing backs 15-year jail term for Chinese ‘Ivory Queen’

Korean Chick Gets Braids for the First Time

My Korean Fiancée Gets Cornrows For The First Time | SLICE n RICE

China's Version of Trap Rap

The Rise of Trap in Southwest China - Chengdu

Fanciest McDonald's in the World

We tried out the world's fanciest McDonald's | CNBC Reports

You can Rent a Relationship in China

We Rented A Girlfriend In China | ASIAN BOSS

American Girl Creates a Viral Music Hit in Chinese Language

How this American's Chinese song went viral in China - BBC News

Men Risk their Lives Jumping Rooftop to Rooftop

Storror athletes risk their lives as they perform the ultimate tricks in the sky.

Go$H's Music is Hittin'

Super Society : Chinese Hip Hop Chongqing Rap Chongqing Rap / Rap

Amy's Got Better Moves than Ellen

Young Hip Hop Dancer Amy Shows Ellen Her Moves

Vietnam and China in a Race for Best Rap Scene

CHINA RAP VS VIETNAM RAP. Watch to decide which is better in your opinion.

VAVA is Coming Harder than Her Peers

VAVA's "RAP STAR" is an anthem

People are Broke and Suffering in China

BBC News brings you an inside look at what its like to live in China's most extreme conditions of poverty.

Fake Sneaker Business in China is Taking Off

watch this video of vice reporters traveling to China where they get Fake Sneakers in China's Capital

Chinese Billionaire Gets Revenge

Exiled Chinese Billionaire Uses YouTube To Wage A War On Corruption (HBO)

Juice WRLD Wants a Girl like "Fine China"

Juice WRLD can have his pick any lady, but he rather they be bad like "Fine China." (Future, Juice WRLD - Fine China (Audio))

Worst Traffic Jam in the World

Insane Chinese traffic jam is one of the worst you'll probably ever see.

Oh Hell Naw! Bridge Cracks While People Walking It

This bridge is unlike any other bridge you've ever seen. It cracks while people walk over it...scaring them to death!

The Secret Truth About China

Discover the hidden truth about China that you never knew before. It'll blow your mind!

Chinese Children Bring Mulan to Life

Chinese Children Reinterpret Disney Anime Mulan

Chinese Leading the Pack in the Field of Science

Find out all the new scientific advances that China is making.

Hong Kong Setting Fashion Goals

Street Fashion in Hong Kong | Intersection | The New York Times

Chinese Street Couples Master Style

Couple, Boy Street Style in China - Thời trang đường phố của các cặp đôi, chàng siêu chất!

These Chinese Performers Just Don't have what it Takes

American Roast Chinese Rap show .美国人疯狂吐槽中国新说唱

American Rappers Judge Chinese Rap

Rappers React to Higher Brothers | Migos, Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti, KYLE, & more

Go$h Wants to be Down so Bad

GO$H MUSIC Presents: BRIDGE 布瑞吉 - 佬大

MMA Fighter Wants to Expose "Fake News"

The MMA Fighter On A Mission To Expose “Fake Martial Artists” in China (HBO)

Chinese Female Bodyguards Will break You in Two

China's Elite Female Bodyguards are no joke. They go through intensive training to protect their clients.

Viral Hip Hop

Viral Hip Hop

Viral Hip Hop