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Philly Goon Gives Eminem a Street Pass

Ar-Ab Names His Top 5 Favorite Guns & Rappers. He puts Eminem on his favorite list of rappers.

FOH! Cassidy Says Eminem is NOT the King of HipHop

Cassidy Admits Eminem Can Spit, But Isn't the King of Hip-Hop

Who Wants Smoke? Could Eminem Defeat Philly Rapper, Meek Mill, in Battle

Who Won Between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly? After you find out, do you think the winner could defeat Meek Mill.

Aliyah Janell Murders the Dance Floor to Twerk by City Girls and Cardi B

Twerk | City Girls featuring Cardi B | Aliya Janell Choreography | Queens N Lettos

Caardi B Has that Philly Swag in New Video with Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars - Finesse (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B] [Official Video]

Cardi B Should Come to Philly if She Misses Offset's Penis! Plenty of Free Dick in Philly to Get!

Cardi B Gets Emotional About Offset Break Up VIDEO | Hollywoodlife

Cardi B Dropping Jewels! Bring Her Ass to Philly

WOAH!!! Cardi B Talks Sex, Masturbation, and Her Looks! She doesn't hold back a god damn thing!

Cardi B Snaps the Fuck Out like a True Philly Chick

Cardi B Supercut (PART 2): Best Moments from Love & Hip Hop Season 7

Naked Cardi B Can Upset Philly

Cardi B GETS NAKED For Instagram! What!!! Defends Her Sexuality PUBLICLY! - Do you agree?

Philly Battle Rappers Leave the Mic Bloody like Travis Scott

K Walker & Reed Dollaz Rap Battle For Philly | Punchlines Ep 1

Twerk Battle in Philly - Make Some Fucking Noise

Twerk Battle @ Club Onyx Philly. Hosted by Love & Hip Hop's Kaylin Garcia

These Spitters - Amazing Is the Best Way to Explain It... Hit it with These Sistsa

2016 Urban Celebrity Magazine Philly Hip Hop Awards Female Cypher at STATUS Shop... When You Hear Them, You Will Love.

Real Streets, RealStreetz - Check These Niggas Out

These bois and girls from the hood are about real shit. No edits, KEEPING IT REAL!!

Watch These Sistas Battle - The Battle Academy Presents - Zan Vs. Lady Caution

Zan Vs. Lady Caution, dang! You gotta see this, yo!

Battle Rapper in Philly - Reed Dollaz vs Rosenberg Raw (Hosted By Gillie Da Kid)

Check these boyz out and watch them Battle Rap. You decide who won this spit out!

And When You Thought Philly Has. Lock on Hip

When You Thought Philly Has A Lock on Hip, Right

Phillys OT the Man

Watch this Artist, He is on the Rise

Philly Hip Hop Brothers Spit

These Boys R Banging... Listen Up! Hip Hop Started in Philly, Aha-Yah

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