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New York City

This Shit is Tough!!! J. Cole Raps Over a Nas Beat

J. Cole has a nasty flow as he takes over an original Nas beat with his own lyrics.

Eminem is So Fucking Untouchable

EXCLUSIVE - Eminem Performs “Venom” from the Empire State Building! Presented by Google Pixel 3

Angie Martinez Interviews J. Cole at a Historic Landmark

J. Cole x Angie Martinez Interview at Salaam's House

Trump Put this Country Is in Hell Hole

Cardi B on Government Shutdown !! Trump in this Fuckin Shutdown - From Shutting Down Major Parts of the Government to Ordering Some to Go Back...

Cardi B is ratchet as fuck! Watch her perform at the No Limit NYE Party in Brooklyn. But even worse, listen to what she says.

Cardi B's Makeup is Fucking Flawless in Elle Magazine.

Watch Cardi B's 90 Second Makeup Routine with | ELLE. She rally syed it

Fuck You CheapAss Bitches! Cardi B is the Best Bitch in New York

LISTEN TO THIS: Cardi B - Cheap Ass Weave (Lyrics). It's so funny, you might laugh the cheap ass wig off ya head.

Cardi B Got Implants So She Could Go Shake that Fat Ass in New York

See What CARDI B Looked Like Before She Got Her BREAST And BUTT Implants. She Looks REAL DIFFERENT!

New York Host Wendy Williams Throws Shit on Cardi B Relationship with Offset

Cardi B Confirms Pregnancy. Wendy Williams Believes She'll be Nothing More than a Baby Momma!

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