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    Cardi B Sets The Record Straight To Her Haters

    In a recent post made by Cardi B on her Instagram, features her new tattoo on her thigh. Her audience did not take her photo very nicely, they accused her of editing the photo to make her body look more skinny than it really is.

    The Photo That Got Her the Accusations

    Cardi B

    Recently Cardi got a retouch on her old peacock tattoo and dyed her pixie haircut to pink color. She took to Instagram to show it off.

    The reactions from her audience
    Her audience did not hesitate to speak their opinion, they thought she edited her photo. The majority of people though the editing was in her thighs to make them look bigger and her stomach was edited to make it look more sucked in.

    The hate got so bad that she put the comments on limited, probably to get rid of the negative comments.



    Cardi B Setting It Straight

    Cardi B did not hesitate to make the record straight about the photo during an Instagram video.

    During the video, she was wearing a baby blue Louis Vuitton swimsuit, addressing the hate. She posted a video because unlike a photo a video can not be photo-shopped.

    In the video she said the following:

    “Now I know a bitch gained some weight, because I had to make the thighs match the motherf**kin’ ass,”

    “I know I gained a little bit of weight and I’m actually holding it in … but it doesn’t matter though … I got lipo money.”

    “Like y’all think I’m editing it, just ask me for a [clip] … I got a little fat. I gained a little weight, you know what I’m saying? It’s all good. [You] can ask me for a video, I’ll show ya.”

    This video was the perfect comeback to the haters because she admitted the truth and showed the viewers unfiltered herself through the video.

    What do you think of her picture and video?
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