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    Cardi B Has A State Of Union Message “Fuck Trump Racist Ass”

    Cardi B has never been one to bite her tongue.

    The New York native has made a name for herself by expressing how she feels despite what others think. Over the past year, Cardi has elevated to celebrity status. From her outward personality to her sense of humor the rapper is far from being censored. Despite the mainstream success, she still is rough around the edges and street to the core.

    Last month the media had a field day after finding out her husband “Offset”, was cheating on her. After the humiliation, she took to Instagram to announce that the two would be splitting up. Instantly “Offset” went to extreme measures to win her back. Offset even begged Cardi On stage to take him back.  Despite turmoil in her love life, Cardi focused on her music career and the newborn baby named “Kulture”. However, we knew it was a matter of time until Cardi B misses the dick. Rumors have started to swirl that the two are possibly back together.

    Offset’s Bullshit

    Overall, we know is she better blast Offset cheating ass on her new album. She even went on to release a statement on Twitter that she wants to works things out with her fuckboy husband. It seems like some good dick can get you far these days in a relationship. However, earlier this evening things took a turn for the better regarding the “Bodak Yellow” rapper.

    The Government has been shut down for three weeks thanks to Trump. Until the House of Representative agrees to fund a $5 billion wall, Trump will extend the shutdown. Good ole Cardi decided to have a State Of Union of her own on Instagram. The rapper blasted Trump for his antics and forcing Government workers to return to work without pay. Overall she confirmed what everyone is saying… “This is some fucked up shit”. In the video segment she goes in on the President and his racist tactics

    Earlier today a video today called Twerk with City Girl which surely was to have plenty of pussy popping. When will Trump racist ass open back up the government? Should Cardi B run for President? Make sure to leave your comments below and read more on

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