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    Cardi B Speaks Her Mind To Avoid Excessive Drug Use

    Cardi B Speaks Her Mind

    Cardi B speaks her mind
    via BuzzFeed

    Nothing is off limits with Cardi B when it comes to her personal life. The WAP singer discusses everything from her cosmetic surgery to her divorce drama with her hubby Offset. While being honest about her personal troubles on social media works in Cardi B’s favor, she doesn’t do it just for the fans. Cardi B recently revealed that speaking her mind actually keeps her from doing drugs.

           The Elections Stressed Out Cardi B

    With everything that’s transpired this year, it’s no wonder that everyone’s stress levels are through the roof. The Elections back in November especially had American’s pulling out their hair. Even celebrities like Ariana Grande started begging their fans to vote for Joe Bidden. We’re talking on their knees begging. Even Cardi B was stressed out during Election day. The 28-year-old took to Instagram to speak on her anxiety-induced day. Though, people couldn’t help but notice the video of her smoking three cigarettes simultaneously in the accompanying post. Cardi B really needed that stress reliever.

    The clip has since led to accusations of the rapper indulging in excessive drug use. The ”WAP” rapper set the record straight when she interviewed with Billboard for her “Woman Of The Year” cover story. “If I didn’t voice my feelings, I would probably be one crazy b*tch on drugs,” Cardi B candidly told the publication. Despite being outspoken and open with her fanbase, however, the star admitted to indulging herself with an occasional cig or drink. Cardi B told Billboard, “I don’t do drugs; I smoke a little cigarette here and there, drink a little wine and Hennessy in the club, but those drugs I don’t do.” While drugs are generally bad for the human body, Cardi B fortunately doesn’t make a habit of smoking and drinking. The 2020 Election may have left the star on edge but she makes sure to express herself with whatever is troubling her.


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