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    Cardi B Slams Tasha. K With A $75,000 Lawsuit

    There’s nothing like bad press to tarnish a celebrity’s reputation. Cardi B has endured everything from Cancel Culture, unwanted media attention, the haters and the like. In the end, the female emcee came out the other side a brand-new woman. However, Cardi B isn’t out of the clearing yet. As of recently, the Grammy-winning rapper is filing a $75,000 lawsuit on her arch nemesis Tasha. K. The vlogger’s now claims Cardi B has contracted HPV. Some people will do just about anything to make a dollar, won’t they?

                           Cardi B vs. Tasha K. Round 2

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    Being in the public eye can highlight your achievements and failures. Grammy-award winning rapper Cardi B hasn’t exactly led a drama-free life, even before she reached fame. The “Ring Ring” rapper grew up learning hard knocks in the ghettos of New York, worked as a Stripper to make ends meet and is a survivor of violent domestic relationships. Luckily, Cardi B doesn’t let the negativity get to her. Though, the 28-year-old recently engaged in a feud with her biggest hater, vlogger Tasha. K.

    Tasha. K is known for making scandalous comments about Cardi B on her YouTube Channel UnWinewithTashaK videos. The vlogger has accused the rapper of everything from being a prostitute, contracting sexually transmitted diseases and even threatening her life. She filed a $1 million lawsuit on Cardi B after claiming that her fans incited gang violence against her. Tasha K. latest story came in September 2020, when the vlogger accused the rapper of cheating on her husband and catching HPV. That’s a low blow.

              Cardi B Files A Lawsuit Against Tasha K.

    via Fox News

    Tasha K. obviously barked up the wrong tree when Cardi B hit her with a $75,000 lawsuit back in April of 2019. Cardi B and her team are demanding that “the vlogger pay for damages in slander, invasion of privacy and mental distress.” The “Money” rapper also made sure that the vlogger’s YouTube channel was shut down as well. Additionally, Cardi B demands a verbal apology from the vlogger. In other words, Tasha K. finally got the boot.

                         Tasha K. Comes Clean

    The lawsuit led Tasha K. to fire back at Cardi B initially. Once the dust finally settled, however, the YouTuber eventually came clean. Just days after accusing Cardi B of contracting HPV, she admitted in a video titled “Cardi BABY girl. I MEAN baby bird!” that the stories she published about Cardi B were false. The lawsuit reveals the following statement released by Tasha K., “You know what’s funny, I make up stories out of thin air, Tasha just makes up stories,” Tasha K. admitted according to the lawsuit. “I knew the s### was fake….I still made that s### go m############ okay.” Tasha K. obviously did it for the clout!


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