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Cardi B Says

Cardi B

Cardi B Says That She Wants to Work Things Out With “Fuckboy” Husband

Cardi B says that she still wants to have some sort of relationship with her husband, Offset!

The Cardi B and Offset marriage woes have been what everyone is talking about for the last few months. Between all of the Offset’s messy mistresses and side chicks coming out after Cardi announced the divorce, and Offset interrupting her stage performance to beg her back, their break up has been messy. However, it looks like Cardi B and Offset might be getting back together. Cardi went on Instagram live to talk about her relationship with Offset and revealed that she still wants to work things out with him.

Cardi acknowledges that she is not wearing her wedding ring anymore. But, despite this, and the fact the Offset continues to cheat on her, she would still like to work things out with him. According to her, Offset is still the best man that she knows and her biggest supporter. No one can really say whether Cardi should completely cut off Offset or work things out with him. She knows what makes her happy and it is her decision to make.  She is well within her right to get back with him or move on.

What do you think of what Cardi said? Do you agree that she has a right to choose whatever she wants? Let us know with a comment below.  And, don’t forget to keep it locked on Hypefresh for more gossip!

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