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    Cardi B Trades Slurping Down Offset for a Can of Pepsi

    There’s nothing in this world that Cardi B likes more than checks…and Pepsi.

    Cardi B will putting her lips to a cold can of Pepsi, for the exclusive premiere of the company’s Super Bowl ad. TMZ has learned that the deal is done, and just waiting for the right commercial break to air.

    This puts Cardi B on the list with just a few names who’ve had the honor of being the face of the company in past years. People before her include Madonna, Mariah Carey, Pink, One direction, The Spice Girls, Micheal Jackson, and more.

    Last year, Pepsi’s ad featured American supermodel, Cindy Crawford.

    This is the 53rd Super Bowl, and it’s expected to get millions of views. During the halftime show, Travis Scott and Maroon 5 will take the stage. It’s been reported that during that break, Cardi was supposed to perform alongside Maroon 5. However, an agreement was never reached.

    Either way, being the new Pepsi spokesperson is another huge opportunity for Bartier Cardi to gain some exposure. So from filming herself dropping her pants to saying Fuck Trump, Cardi B is on a roll this year!

    Thoughts? Are you excited to see in the new Pepsi ad? If not, who would you like to see? Share your thoughts, using our comment section.

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