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    Cardi B Better Blast Offset Cheating Ass On Her New Album!!

    It’s the new year, and despite Offset’s cheating Cardi is ready to getting more money.

    2018 was an interesting year for the Brooklyn native. Love & Hip-hop, helped to launch the former stripper into the world of stardom. Her strong personality led to her instantly connecting with women on a global scale. From fights, to cursing out random people, it was only a matter of time until she went commercial. Despite a large amount of success, Cardi has no problem speaking her mind when it comes to demanding respect. In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Cardi let it be known that she will still smack the shit out of you despite success.

    America has is growing to love her childlike/ratchet behavior as it’s never a dull moment. We got to see her animated personality come to life all while entertaining James Corden in Carpool Karaoke. The Bodak Yellow rapper’s career continues to grow, with breaking several records, and nominations. She went from beating up bitches to the Grammys, and for that reason Cardi is one of a kind. That same attitude lead her to being placed on a restraining order due to a physical altercation over her husband.


    Her husband Offset, who is one third of Migos has been in the news nonstop lately. Cheating has played a major part in her relationship. In return, Cardi announced in early December that her and her husband were splitting up, with divorce pending. Immediately it seemed as though the circus came to down, with Offset trying several different methods to win her heart back. Ultimately she admits misses the dickand since than the former couple have been pictured together several different places together. Cardi has been transparent, and stated that “she wants to work things out with her fuckboy husband“.

    With all of the things happening in 2018, Cardi has created plenty of drama that will ensure all eyes are on her for 2019. She event took to Instagram live to reconfirm that she is working on a new album. Her hopes is that she will be able to drop the new album around April. “Invasion Of Privacy”, her debut album dropped in April 2018. It is rumored that Cardi is also to release deluxe edition of “Invasion Of Privacy”.

    Who would you like to see featured on Cardi B new album? Do you think that Offset cheating ass should be on it? Leave your comments below and for more culture keep it linked to


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