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    Cardi B Gets Second Chance To Do The Right Thing

    Grammy Award-winning rapper Cardi B has a lot going for her career. However, it seems the more famous she becomes, the more lawsuits start knocking at her door. Apparently, she’s also not following a judge’s orders these days either. Most recently, the star was summoned before a judge after failing to complete her 15 days of community service for a 2018 assault at a strip club. Now the star has until March to do the right thing.

    Cardi B Doesn’t Meet The Requirements Of Her Plea Deal

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    Recently, the Grammy-award winning rapper was asked to come in by a New York City judge on Tuesday to give a “compliance update” on her plea deal. Unfortunately, she has failed to complete her 15 days of community service as the deal requested.

    Furthermore, Cardi B’s plea deal resulted from a 2018 assault at a strip club. According to police, the female rapper got into an altercation with one of the female bartenders. She accused them of having an affair with her husband. Furthermore, the “WAP” rapper pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor assault charges just last year for starting another fight with two bartenders. Apparently, Cardi B  has been busy with fighting people in bars this whole time. At this point, she should just avoid bars and clubs altogether at this point.

    She’s Doing The Right Thing

    right thing
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    Unfortunately, the incident hasn’t helped her case. Not to mention, it’s taken her focus off community service. Now the star claims she’s learned from her mistakes. Back in a September hearing, she told the judge then that she wanted to be a better example to her children. Apparently, Cardi B must’ve used the same sentiment, given that the judge decided to give her a second chance. Now the star has until March 1 to complete her community service.

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