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    Cardi B Fuck Guilty!!!..It Ain’t Over Fuck Boys!!!

    We’ve seen some of the best artists in the world of entertainment lose buzz over jail. Now Cardi B may be facing the same situation, and she’s riding until the wheels fall off.

    Cardi B has reached star status and is fighting to keep her relevance in the world of entertainment. Just a few days ago it was announced that the rapper was indicted on 14 charges. All which stems from her entourage involvement in a Strip Club brawl. Overall Cardi B fuck guilty is the move, and she doesn’t plan on changing her stance any time soon.

    Cardi B Fuck Guilty 

    Yesterday the New York rapper attended court in Queens related to her participation in a physical altercation that happened last year. Cardi B is accused of sending people to beat up a stripper who was believed to be dealing with her baby father Offset. The couple had been going through ups and downs last year, leading to Cardi at one point leaving Offset after numerous rumors of infidelity. The two have a baby girl together by the name of Kulture.

    Furthermore, the Invasion Of Privacy rapper entered into a plea of not guilty. Overall, the charges include two counts of felony attempted assaults. If convicted on both of them she could be behind bars for four years. Cardi will be taking a hard gamble on herself as in April she rejected a plea deal. With so much on the line, Cardi could lose everything that she has worked so hard for.

    Cardi has truly become an influencer to women across the world. Showing that despite your circumstances, and beginnings that you accomplish just about anything. The rapper has gone on generate over 1 billion streams from on the Apple music platform. In addition, she has a clothing line through Fashion Nova that sales out within hours of release. It’s not looking good for Cardi at the moment.

    In conclusion, do you think Cardi B fuck guilty is the right move in this case? Should she had taken the plea deal? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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