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    Cardi B Calls Her Fans A “Dumb Fanbase” During The Grammys

    Every Cardi B fan knows that the Bronx rapper keeps it 100% real with her fanbase. Unfortunately, her outspoken and unfiltered nature may have landed her in some hot water. Recently, the rapper engaged in a bitter spat with fans after refusing to attend the 64th Grammys. Of course, many of her fans were disappointed at the news. However, when fans started hitting Cardi B below the belt, things took a turn for the worst. Now the rapper hates her “dumb fanbase.”

    Fans Attack Cardi B For Refusing To Attend The Grammys

    dumb fanbase
    via Urban Islandz

    The Grammys included some great performances and even better cameos from artists. However, many fans expressed their disappointment that Cardi B didn’t attend this weekend’s awards show. Moreover, the Grammys nominated her for Best Rap Performance for her hit 2021 single “Up.” Though, the Bronx rapper made it clear on all her social media platforms that she had no intentions of ever attending the Grammys in the first place.

    On April 3rd, the “WAP” rapper took to Twitter to tell the haters that she will not go to any award show unless she’s performing or needs to promote a new album. Clearly, Cardi B had other plans this year.  

    The “WAP” Rapper Says She Has A “Dumb Fanbase”

    dumb fanbase
    Cardi B via Dexerto

    Rather than taking the rapper for her word, some die-hard fans didn’t want to believe the news. Instead, fans turned belligerent and attacked Cardi B’s family, including her children. At that point, Cardi B called her fans a “dumb fanbase” and tweeted that she’d delete all her social media accounts. 

    “You got the slow dumba**es dragging my kids, all because y’all thought I was going to the Grammys and I didn’t . . . I need to protect myself.”

    Cardi B may be great at delivering a massive comeback to the haters on social media. This time around, though, she didn’t care for any of the drama. Sometimes, the world of social media makes zero sense. 



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