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Damn Cardi B Calling Out Jussie Smollet On His Bullshit Story!!

We can always count on Cardi B to say what’s on her mind.

Cardi B has become an influential figure on social media. Regardless of the topic, we surely know that she will put her two cents in. Most recently she gave her thoughts surrounding Jussie Smollet. For over the past two weeks, the Empire actor has been under the heavy scope of law enforcement. With many people having plenty of questions surrounding the alleged attack.

Cardi Calling Out Jussie Smollet

The Bodak Yellow rapper took to Instagram to chime in on what’s currently happening. To our surprise Card kept it 100% real on the subject at hand:

“I feel like he f*cked up Black History Month,” she said. “I’m not gonna say yet…until he says out his mouth that it was fake and the sh*t was staged, I don’t wanna completely blame him because somebody that I was talking to, they said police in Chicago are racist.” She went on to acknowledge the possibility of the Chicago PD trying to frame the Empire actor, adding “Then you give f*cking Donald Trump immunity to f*cking laugh at n*ggas and sh*t.”

At the moment plenty of people are starting to believe that the actor made the story up. It has already been announced that Empire will reduce Jussie Smollett’s role in wake of the alleged attack. It even got to the point where news anchor Trevor Noah gave his honest opinion on Jussie SmollettOverall all it’s a long shot for Jussie Smollet to get past this event in his life.

Do you thin Cardi B calling out Jussie was the right thing to do? Should other celebrities speak out on the topic? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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