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    Cardi B And WWE Wrestler Lacey Evans’ Confusing Trash Talk

    Twitter feuds between celebrities never end on a good note. Cardi B and WWE wrestler Lacey Evans’ twitter beef however, has us scratching our heads. Recently, the platinum-selling rapper took to social media to jokingly troll WWE after name-dropping her in a show segment that aired this past Monday. While everyone took Cardi B’s reaction as a joke, WWE wrestler Lacey Evans seemingly didn’t find the rappers trolling all that funny. In a series of recent tweets, the female wrestler and rapper did a little trash talking that left fans totally confused. Are they really fighting or is it all an act?

                       Don’t Believe Everything You See

    trash talk
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    It’s no secret that most of the boxing matches on WWE’s WrestleMania are fake. You can’t believe everything you see on tv. Though, Cardi B’s latest Twitter beef with WWE wrestler Lacey Evans makes us think twice.

    All the drama started after the rap star was name-dropped during a WWE show segment starring Angel Garza and Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson. Cardi B made hilarious threats against CEO Vince Mahon for not giving her a proper a “debut” on the show. Of course, we all knew that the threats were nothing but a little locker-room humor. After all, WWE makes a living off fake tv drama.

                Cardi & Lacey Evans’ Confusing Trash Talk

    trash talk
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    The jokes came to a screeching halt, though, when female wrestler Lacey Evans took to Twitter to trash talk the Grammy-winning rapper. Evans tweeted that the Cardi B “should be careful what she wished for.” She even went as far as referencing her famous 2018 Met Gala fight with Nicki Minaj. After the altercation, Cardi B reportedly walked away with a huge knot to the forehead. “We aren’t @NICKIMINAJ You’ll get more than a busted eye,” the wrestler wrote. There’s no mistaking that Evans is goading Cardi B to fight her.

    Never one to shy away from a fight, Cardi B accepts the wrestler’s challenge. The Bronx rapper after first dismisses Evan’s threats by stating plainly she doesn’t fear “white women.” Cardi B further explains that she only showed love to the WWE family, until she got blindsided by Evans’ “unnecessary” trash talk. Cardi B’s response should’ve ended everything. However, the stars’ Twitter banter continued when Evans made more threats at kicking Cardi B’s butt in the ring. Like everything else on WWE, we suspect it’s all bark and no bite. Their fight could be a total hoax, but we aren’t entirely sure.

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