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Cardi B

Cardi B and Tomi Lahren Throw Fighting Words on Twitter

The Daily Beast

Cardi B and Tomi Lahren are at each other necks over the government shut down.

2019 is already starting off with a bang! Cardi B and Tomi Lahren have started the weirdest hip hop beef of this year!

It all started after Cardi B made an Instagram video where she dragged Trump over the government shut down.

Consequently, the video got attention from Right-wing Americans, who were not happy with Cardi attacking the President. One of those Right-wing Americans was Tomi Lahren. As a result, she went on Twitter to express her displeasure with Cardi. And if you recall, she is notorious for idiotic comments. Remember the time she blasted Beyonce & Jay Z?

Cardi is not the type of woman to let anyone trash talk her. Thus she responded, and let her know that she is not the one to test.

The fight then continued from there.

Beyond this, she has a long history of targeting black people. This is the same woman who compared Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan. Therefore, her attack on Cardi B only adds to the narrative that she is a racist. To begin with, many celebrities have been critical of Trump’s government shut down. So then, why is she targetting Cardi B? We already know the answer!

But, what do you think of the beef between Cardi B and Tomi? Please comment below and for more news, keep it locked to!

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