Can’t win them all


Can’t win them all!!

After starting the first quarter of the season undefeated, the Golden State Warriors win streak was snapped last Saturday. Rolling into last Saturday’s matchup against Milwaukee, Golden State was riding a 24 game win streak. The reigning NBA champions have continued to produce a winning formula picking apart teams through perimeter small ball. Many teams around the league have had little to no answer on how to slowdown the highly octane offense. Stephen Curry continues to lead the way with his sharp shooter accuracy that continues to amaze fans, and players around the league.

Curry’s ability to score at will, along with Golden State’s depth bring nothing less than horror to teams around the league.Golden State has picked back up from last season’s Cinderella story with nothing short of an elite presence beyond the arc. With the ability to spread defenders thin, there’s little to no blueprint to stop a repeat from happening. The stacked western conference continue to make significant upgrades in hopes of stopping the second coming of the ’96 Bulls. With Curry in MVP form early in the season we may be watching a dynasty being build from the ground up. Only time time will tell!!


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