Nick Cannon Drops Eminem Diss Track

Nick Cannon

Cannon Dropped An Eminem Diss Track

Nick Cannon dropped an Eminem diss track. This was in response to Eminem calling out Mariah Carey. For some reason, legendary rapper Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, is still dropping diss tracks even though he is nearly 50. One would assume that this would not be occurring in 2019, but Eminem & Nick Cannon still have beef all these years later.

Yesterday on Monday, December 9, 2019, Nick Cannon dropped an Eminem diss track titled “The Invitation”. Cannon dropped this track in response to Eminem’s inappropriate comments made in regard to his ex-wife, Mariah Carey.

Eminem made these remarks earlier this year on Fat Joe’s song this year titled “Lord Above”. Both of these diss tracks were in no way impressive. One might be wondering why Eminem seems to be randomly calling out Carey. These problems all began in 2002.

Timeline of Carey & Eminem’s Beef

Eminem first made negative comments about Carey in 2002 on the songs “Superman and “When The Music Stops”. Mathers makes claims of Carey being obsessed with him after they dated for 6 months. Soon after in a Larry King interview, Carey denied ever dating Eminem.

Carey responded with a diss of her own with the song “Clown” in 2003. This song calls out Eminem for lying about having a relationship with Mariah. Over the years Eminem went on to verbally attack Carey in a number of other songs. These tracks include “Jimmy Crack Corn” in 2006, “The Warning” and “Bagpipes” in 2009 after Cannon married Mariah.

In the song “Bagpipes” Eminem disrespectfully refers to Mariah as a whore. Cannon responded with a later deleted rant on Facebook calling out Eminem. Mariah responded with a song called “Obsessed”. As the song clearly points out Mariah puts Eminem on blast for being obsessed with her.

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Eminem & Cannon’s Beef Continues

The beef continued when Cannon dropped an Eminem diss track titled “I’m A Slick Rick” in 2016. In this same year, Cannon also challenged Mathers to a boxing match in another later deleted social media post. In 2019 Cannon went on to talk about wanting to fight Eminem on T.I.’s podcast.

For some reason, Eminem felt the need to respond with a diss on Fat Joe’s song “Lord Above” in December of 2019. Cannon dropped an Eminem diss track in response to this titled “The Inovatation. Again for some reason, Eminem oddly felt the need to respond by tweeting at Cannon to “Stop lying on my dick”. Both Eminem and Cannon’s diss’s were quite corny.

Why Is This Beef A Thing?

Overall this whole beef is pretty lame and one would hope that it would have ended back in the mid-2000s. Cannon and Mathers are more than full-grown adults at this point in life. When Eminem first began this beef in 2002 it was not the craziest thing. He was known for being out of pocket and was basically in the prime of his career.

But at a certain point, it became pretty creepy. This has been going on for nearly two decades now. That would most likely strike the average person as pretty odd. Carey’s song titled “Obsessed” does not seem to be too far off.

But still, there is no need for Cannon to be rehashing these issues. It is time for Cannon and Eminem to grow up. They both need to stop dropping embarrassing and unnecessary diss tracks. Eminem it’s 2019 time to start respecting women!

What are your guys’ thoughts though? Was Cannon or Eminem’s diss track actually even good? Or are they both too old to be acting like this?


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