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    Canadian Artist Wave Montega Discusses His Losses In Life On Catharsis

    New artists come and go all the time. Though, only a few can weather through the pressures and challenges of the music industry. Canadian rising star Wave Montega has raised himself through the ranks of rap Kingdom. Originally having plans to pursue a career in basketball, Montega traded in his jersey for poetry.

    After just eight months into college life at Charleston Southern University, Montega experienced his first taste of fame dropping his Toronto-infused anthem “Side Bag.” The song alone received millions of streams. Eventually, it paved the way for his 2020 debut record Still Wavy. Additionally, his song “Save Me” was featured on the soundtrack for Director X’s “Quiet Minds, Silent Streets” documentary. Wave Montega has now earned himself the reputation of becoming Toronto’s next biggest lyrical genius.

    Recently, the rap poet released his newest record Catharsis, which drops October 21. Obviously, he’s keeping the momentum going by releasing new material. Moreover, the 16-track project finds Montega switching up his flow and mastering beats, as he gives his rap tales about the trials of life.

                Life As We Know It

    Life can be one chaotic mess sometimes. It’s even downright impossible in the darkest of times. Still, people persevere and push on. Like everyone else, Wave Montega has his good and bad days.  Fortunately, the Canadian rapper uses his music as a creative outlet.

    On his newest project Catharsis, Montega lets fans get an up close and personal look at himself. The lyricist bleeds out his beating heart as he discusses all his life tribulations and trials; including relationships, battling depression, betrayals and loss. While the 16-track project has several noteworthy tracks to choose from, standouts “Lessons,” “Frozen” and “Painful” offer bigger personal stories worth listening to. Clearly, Wave Montega knows how to deliver powerful tracks full of wisdom, personal growth and self-reflection.

                Wave Montega Is The Real Deal

    Wave Montega
    via WPGM Media

    With so much life in Catharsis, it’s obvious that a lot of thought went into making the project. Speaking about the inspiration behind Catharsis, Wave Montega shared that the album came about through the challenges he’s faced in the last four years.

    Unfortunately, the rapper has lost several people along the way. “I got extremely vulnerable and transparent about how I deal with my pain and how it has affected me. Not having people to talk to during my worst times is what made me vent on these beats, with the music being my personal diary,” the rapper said. Be sure to check out more personal narratives from Canadian artist Wave Montega.








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