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    Can the Philadelphia Phillies Complete the Cinderella Story?

    The city of Philadelphia has tons to celebrate as three of its four professional teams are flourishing at the moment. In particular, the Philadelphia Phillies are attempting to complete the cinderella story as the underdogs taking on the overpowering Houston Astros. According to the Washington Post, this is the biggest mismatch World Series matchup in Major League Baseball in more than 100 years. Rarely, do you see the top seed of the American League or National League play the opposing conference or wild card team?

    Last time, the Astros were crowned champions, shortly after the cheating scandal rose and set the MLB on fire. However, they’ve clearly recovered and bounced back from the scandal and are looking to win this without any scandals attached. The Phillies on the other hand, are simply getting hot at the right time. They’ve been underdogs all year and if “history repeats itself” proves to be true the last time a Philadelphia team was an underdog was in 2017. In 2017, the Eagles went on to take on the New England Patriots with their backup QB, Nick Foles. Ultimately, they won the Super Bowl.

    In baseball history, this is the biggest winning margin between two World Series opponents (19) since 1906. While this seems lopsided, oddsmakers are surprising many by giving the Phillies much more of a shot than most people. Bryce Harper has been a godsend for the Phillies, he’s literally carrying the team to the World Series. Quite honestly, it will fall on his shoulders if he can continue this hot streak the Phillies may have a shot. However, if he slows down even for a little the Astros may prove to be overpowered by the Phillies.

    Last Appearance in the World Series for the Philadelphia Phillies

    The Phillies last appearance in the World Series came in 2009 where they faced off with the New York Yankees and lost. Ten years later, they signed the 2021 National League MVP, Bryce Harper, to a 13-year, $330 million contract in 2019. He hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the eighth to send the Phillies back to the World Series.

    Nonetheless, he’s living up to the contract and hopes to bring a championship back home for the Phillies.


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