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    California Rap Duo Su’Lan Try Something Different On Their New Track “When I Call On You”

    When it comes to New York rap duo Su’Lan, they’re unstoppable. The female rappers bring the heat on every new track they release. Not to mention, they’ve inspired women everywhere to become something greater than themselves. Furthermore, the female rappers are most recognized for their hit singles “Go Fund Me,” “Good 2 Me,” “Baby Glock Gang” and even “Tia & Tamera.”

    The California female rappers maybe from two different coasts, but each artist brings something new to the table. Su and Lan aren’t afraid of speaking their minds and boasting about their talents. Talk about black girl magic. Furthermore, Su’Lan have since received co-signs from several publications such as NPR, Pitchfork and UPROXX.

    In recent years, the Cally rap dou has since grown both in their personal and professional lives. Their latest album Forever Da Gang showcases just how much they’ve evolved. On the hard-hitting 10-track, the upcoming Queens showcase the confidence they’ve gained from hard life lessons. Moreover, they continue to be assertive, bellicose and unapologetic black women.

    On their newest offering “When I Call You,” Su’Lan continue to evolve in their music. In fact, they’ve even gone as far to show another side of their artistry.

                Su’Lan Shows Another Side To Their Artistry

    Clearly, the Oakland Queens of Su’Lan have much to offer in the coming year. They’ve already put out such great music already and have no plans of slowing down. Furthermore, their newest track “When I Call You” showcases their ability to venture into unknown territory with their artistry and still succeed. On the track, we get an eyeful of a different side of the Oakland rap dou. Known for their hard-hitting flow, the artist try something different.

                They Are Game Changers In The Rap Industry

    via Courtesy of The Orchard

    In the rap industry, male rappers are abundant. However, female emcees come a dime a dozen. Fortunately, Su’Lan comes as a breath of fresh air. Arguably, the rap industry could use more female heavy-hitters. Furthermore, the Oakland rap duo deserves a seat at the table. They have no plans of going anywhere anytime soon. Be sure to catch more music from the Oakland rap group Su’Lan.







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