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    California Governor Forcing 24 Hour Quarantine

    The state of California just became the first state to mandate a 24-hour lockdown.

    Governor Gavin Newsome issued a statewide “stay at home” order for the entire state of California. The order comes as a move to slow coronavirus cases because they have risen in the US in the last weeks.

    The stay at home order goes into place Thursday night and will remain until further notice. A business that is “essential” such as Grocery stores, Drug Stores, gas stations, and others will stay open. However, residents are advised to only go outside in extreme conditions.

    Governor Newsom told residents, “We need to bend the curve in the state of California.” Some estimates suggest the more than half of the state will have gotten the virus within the next month. Countries like Italy and China have already taken the same steps to help slow the spread of the disease.

    The governor went on to express that he understands the gravity of his decision, stating :

    “Home isolation is not my preferred choice … but it is a necessary one …This is not a permanent state; it is a moment in time.”

    Further adding “It’s now just time to absorb and recognize that we need to change our behaviors in a way that meets this moment and allows a recognition that this moment will pass,”

    Political history says that what happens in California usually happens in every other state. Millennials have been joking about Marshall Law this past week; it was even trending on twitter. Conspiracy theorist starts to sound a little less crazy in times like these, not sane but less stupid. The timing of the virus being an election year, the good ole Simpson prediction, it’s all just too coincidental. That could just be the cabin fever setting in, its day three, and I’m starting to miss work. I may be losing my mind.

    What do you guys think of Governor Gavin Newsome implementing the 24 hours lockdown? Is it a necessary precaution? Or is this the first step to placing citizens under Marshall Law?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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