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    California Artist Tyler Carder displays strength through the release of “Myself”

    San Diego, California native Tyler Carder is an inspirational musician & guitarist. Now 18 years old, Tyler started making music and playing around with his guitar at the young age of 11. He has fallen in love with music ever since and based his melodic music and relatable lyrics on past relationships & real-life experiences. His main goal is to continue inspiring others and letting them know they aren’t alone and everyone has been through something.

    Tyler Carder was taught a lot by his Grandpa, who had also played guitar and the ukulele. He passed down many musical talents, which became his passion for making this his career. Musicians such as Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION, & others also greatly influenced the music and flow he releases today. His music is genuinely peaceful to the ears, and he makes beautiful Hip-hop music and instrumentals.

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