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    Caitlyn Jenner not charged in fatal car crash

    Siting insufficient evidence, prosecutors declined to charge Caitlyn Jenner of any crime on Wednesday after her incident in a California car crash that killed another driver earlier this year.

    According to AP, Authorities said Jenner was towing an off-road vehicle on a trailer behind a Cadillac Escalade on Feb. 7 when she crashed into two cars, pushing one into oncoming traffic. Driver Kim Howe died when her Lexus was hit by a Hummer in Malibu.

    Sheriff’s investigators previously determined that Jenner, 65, was traveling at an unsafe speed for the road conditions at the time and there was enough evidence to support a vehicular manslaughter charge. The case was then referred to the district attorney’s major crimes division.

    A prosecutor wrote in a one-page sheet declining to file charges that Jenner was traveling slightly below the posted speed limit and began braking less than two seconds before the crash. To prove misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, prosecutors would have had to show Jenner was negligent and had violated a basic speed law.

    The officer determined they “cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that suspect’s conduct was unreasonable.”

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