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    C.M.G. The Label Does It Big With New Compilation Album “Gangsta Art”

    Is it too early to say C.M.G. might be the new Death Row? Okay, that might be a stretch, but Yo Gotti has been handling business when it comes to finding and developing new talent. What makes it more special is that most of the rappers come from the same hometown as him, Memphis, keeping it in the family. C.M.G. is a force to be reckoned with.

    Coach Gotti

    I don’t think many artists and fans truly realize all the work and sacrifice it takes to establish a new artist. Even a notable cosign isn’t just enough to get an artist fully off the ground, it is based on a multitude of factors. But what is even more difficult is doing this while being an artist yourself? I have to commend Gotti for stepping out of the spotlight to let his younger artists shine. A lot of artists don’t know how to react when their mentee surpasses them, but Gotti plays the coach role amazingly well.

    He really assembled a well-put-together roster. With names like Moneybagg Yo, Glorilla, Mozzy, and EST Gee, the list goes on and on. We finally get to see all of their talents at once, when they team together for the compilation album beautifully titled Gangsta Art.

    Rolling Deep

    The C in C.M.G. represents the word collective, and I understand it now. The Gangsta Art album displays that they are truly stronger together in numbers. They were rapping like the rent was due tomorrow on this project, leaving no room for error. The artist that surprised me the most was their under-the-radar signee, Lil Poppa. He showed his ass on this project and even barred up with the best on this project. I can’t believe C.M.G. got a young star who is that talented, at only 22 years old.

    Who’s your favorite artist from C.M.G.? Let us know below.


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