Buying Back the Block: 7 of the Most Charitable Rappers Around

7 of the Most Charitable Rappers Around

1) Chance the Rapper

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Forged in Chi-Town, Chance the Rapper is one of the many examples of success stemming form the inner city school system. Chano donated $1 million to the Chicago Public School system earlier this month and attended a career fair at a Chicago Public School. He created the ‘Warmest Winter’ initiative, which raised $100,000 to go toward coats that turn into sleeping bags for the homeless in Chicago.

2) Kendrick Lamar

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The Compton, CA bred rapper has always stayed local, and cared about the growth of music and education. In 2013, he gave his high school a $50,000 to help improve their music facilities. Overall, Kendrick Lamar has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Compton’s school district’s sports, after-school, music and other programs. On top of all that, he’s also donated and worked with Compton and other local charities. KDot won an award from the California State Senate in 2015 for his community work.

3) Big Sean

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Born and raised in Detroit, Big Sean made sure to give back to the city that created him. He started the Sean Anderson Foundation in 2012 with the goal to “assist in the education, health, safety and well-being of Detroit Area school aged youth as well disadvantaged youth in other areas across the nation”. Big Sean also donated a new recording studio to his alma mater high school, Cass Technical in Detroit and also donated proceeds from his last album to the city of Flint, MI.

4) Rick Ross

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Raised in Florida, Rick Ross founded In A Big Way Charity and in 2014 he bought a 109-room Georgia Mansion for $5.8 million as a home for the youth of Miami, New Orleans, and Atlanta. Ross hoped that the home would inspire the kids to dream big. He’s also a big proponent for black owned businesses as well as real estate, urging people to invest in their communities. Back in 2012, he donated Reeboks and iPads to his alma mater high school in Carol City, Florida. Plus, after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti he hosted a blood drive to help the survivors.

5) Jay Z

Born and bred in NY, Jay Z is no stranger to philanthropy; back in September of ’05 he donated one million dollars to the American Red Cross relief to help aid them in their Hurricane Katrina relief efforts hit New Orleans. Hov hosted a fundraiser in 2011 in New York for his Shawn Carter Foundation and raised over one million dollars in proceeds. For every Made in America festival, Jay gives free vender space to charity organizations in the area called the ‘Cause Village.’ In 2015, he organized a charity concert thru his streaming service, TiDAL in which he raised over one and a half million dollars. You can check out a full list of his giving, and its a long list, here.

6) Dr. Dre

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Famous for his work as an artist, producer, and businessman, Dr. Dre is an all around mogul. But, he’s also donated all of his earnings from his 2015 album, Compton to the City of Compton with the hope that the funds would go toward a performing arts and entertainment center for youth. Dre’s been active in his community and worked with the Mayor of his hometown Compton to give back in a special way.

7) J. Cole

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The North Carolina born rapper has been extremely active with giving back to his community. ‘2014 Forrest Hills Drive’ isn’t just the name of his second to last album, it’s the address to the home he grew up in. Significance? The house was foreclosed back in 2003 but Cole recently bought the house with the intention to flip it and turn it into a home where low income families could come and live rent free.


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