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    Bun B Gets Into a Shoot-Out with A Home Invader

    Bun B is the hero in his household after he helped defend his family from a botched burglary.

    According to TMZ, Bun B and his wife were chilling in their home, when an unknown man approached their doorstep and proceeded to ring the doorbell. Apparently, Bun B’s wife mistook the visitor for a delivery man and opened the door. To her surprise, she was greeted by a masked man holding a gun.

    The intruder is said to have made demands. He allegedly asked the woman to fork over as many valuable possessions she could, before settling on her Audi, which was parked outside the home. However, the burglar was not able to escape unscathed.

    Reportedly, Bun B heard the commotion from upstairs and rushed down to see what was happening. It was then that he caught the man trying to escape in his wife’s car. Details suggest that Bun B and the man had a shoot-out, in which Bun B shot the man in the shoulder.

    TMZ further reports that the man got away, but later checked himself into a hospital in Houston. Police detained him, and now he faces charges for 2 counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count burglary.

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