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    Bryce Harper’s Unreal ‘Wish’ After Brutal Blake Snell Fastball Injury

    This may come as no surprise to some; however, to many Philadelphia Phillies’ star RF Bryce Harper may be a bit insane. Recently, he suffered a thumb injury against the San Diego Padres at-bat, reported Richard J. Marcus for Fox 29 News . Ultimately, Harper broke his thumb, which appears painful on the surface; however, he wished he took the brunt of the hit to the face rather than his thumb. Harper’s logic to justify wanting to take the 97 mph ball to the face was even more comical.

    “I kind of wish it hit me in the face,” said Harper, who was wearing a splint on his thumb. “… I think I can take 98 (mph) to the face, but not 97 to the thumb. Yeah, I was kind of in protection mode a little bit trying to get my hand up there and not let it hit me again.

    “It’s just a bummer. I am really bummed out,” Harper continued.

    Sometimes being a bit crazy or illogical is what separates the great players from the average and maybe that’s Harpers’ gift. The reigning NL MVP looked visibly hurt once the pitch from Padres pitcher Blake Snell connected. Phillies GM Dave Dombrowski traveled with the team on the road trip. He later explained while they can’t determine if he’ll need surgery going forward it did not look good. Harper is planning to see a medical specialist as they return back to Philadelphia.

    “We will put him on the injured list (Sunday),” Dombrowski said. “I was concerned at first he got hit in the face. I was concerned right off the bat because he is a tough guy and he walked off the field immediately.”

    Bryce Harper Being a Good Sport

    Naturally, Phillies fans hope their star player returns in a few weeks better than ever. More importantly, Harper understands it’s simply a part of the game and had no ill will towards Snell. In fact, they’re good friends and have been playing against one another since children. He wishes him well and hopes he keeps throwing the same pitch to help set up his other pitches as the game progresses.

    “It wasn’t heated at all,” Harper emphasized. “It was just the moment and a crappy situation. I’ve been playing against Blake since we were 10, 11 years old so I know there was no ill-will behind that at all. The inside pitch is part of the game. He is a great player and a great human being as well. I wish him the best and I told him to keep throwing that inside fastball because it sets that slider really good.”


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