Brown – Hey!Hey!Hey!

Brown – Hey

“If you don’t mind I’m going to take y’all back a bit…”

When the terms “The South” and “hip-hop” end up in the same sentence, the connotations are not always the most positive. Some people may immediately want to use the words “simple,” “country,” or even “ratchet” to describe the music that comes from the States below the Mason-Dixon line. Listeners often expect to hear catchy club anthems more than they expect to hear fluid lyrics and soulful production. Thankfully, one special Tennessee MC is ready to dispel those notions.

Underground Tennessee hip-hop has long been known for the soulful and rugged sounds of artists like Three 6 Mafia and Yo Gotti, but that may soon change thanks Brown. The Nashville, Tennessee MC’s recently-uploaded “Hey!Hey!Hey!” is contagiously rhythmic, with smooth production and a thick bass line courtesy of Tennessee producer D. Holt.

Brown has no small amount of fun on this track thanks to a flow reminiscent of Chicago MC Chance the Rapper and its brimming with energy as much as he is brimming with enthusiasm. With a knack for witty lyrics and a vocal presence that puts him in a more unique special space than the prototypical rapper, Brown’s music is refreshing to say the least.

This is the kind of music that can make even the most solemn of souls smile. Best of all, this track couldn’t come out at a better time. With the temperature rising and the sun shining more and more every day as we get deep into the summer, smooth sounds like this are all most of us want to hear.

Are you intrigued yet? If so, for more music from Brown, check out his SoundCloud. You’re guaranteed positive vibes and eclectic sounds that will make your head nod in delight. Feel free to let us know what jams you really rocked with in the comment section.


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