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    Brooklyn’s G. King Mentally Levels Up on “2000 Life Points”

    Life and video games are more similar than most people realize. You never know what will happen next in either. And the best way to maximize the experience is by playing to win. For that very reason, I think that’s why rappers like G. King appreciate video games. It allows them to tap into their competitive tendencies while simultaneously having fun.

    Keeping Me Grounded

    As someone that is forced to listen to a substantial amount of mainstream music, I have become exhausted with their repetitive themes. How many times do I have to hear about violence? This is why I think listening to underground music keeps me grounded. Underground artists like G. King remind me that there is more to life than pain.

    Recently the Brooklyn-based rapper dropped his new single “2000 Life Points” and it truly helps bridge the gap between the virtual world and rap. This is the type of song that defies the odds and makes you question your past decisions. I have to say, G. King took a huge risk making such a personal song that discusses his insecurities and fears. But it paid off heavily because his great asset is his positive mindset.

    “Make sure you take nothing for granted and get the most out of life.” – G. King on “2000 Life Points”

    Leveling Up
    After talking so much about the song material, it would only be right that I mention all the factors that made the track special. The visuals that were released alongside this track helped bring his lyrics to life. This video was directed by Troublshooting and no other man would’ve been suited for this job but him. His elite editing skills will have you thinking you’re hallucinating. I felt this was intentional to show the parallels between G. King’s warped reality and his adventurous life. It’s such a raw song with a trippy video that emphasizes the importance of not living to die, and living for yourself.

    I want you to remember the name G. King. He has a sound that’s going to take him places. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and check out his discography.



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