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    Brooklyn Rapper Blu3ch3w Releases New “Tonight” Video & Single

    Brooklyn rapper Blu3ch3w has been killing it all of 2020. After being named to All Hip Hop’s 2021 Artist To Watch List, he has been on a mission to show the world that he is destined to make it as a mainstream rapper in the music game. Coming fresh off the release of his “Boy To Hell” music video that was premiered on Hollywood Unlocked, he returns to the scene with a new release titled “Tonight”.

    To ensure the success of this release, he coincidentally put out the music video, allowing listeners to connect with his creativity in a visual form. With a confident , and concise rap flow, Blu3ch3w has created an original sound that strives on “Tonight”. Showing a softer side to his music melodically, this song is easy to vibe to as this emcee exclaims to listeners that he and his homies are “outside tonight”.

    In the video, you will see Blu3ch3w return back to the hood he grew up in Brooklyn called Borinquen Plaza Housing, with his homies. While there, you will see Ch3w having a good time with beautiful women, boos and dice playing. Immediately it is clear that this rapper is proud of where he comes from, and invites the world to see how far he truly has come.

    From beginning to end, Blu3ch3w creates memorable punchlines through powerful story telling. Tap in with this rising superstar by streaming his new “Tonight” single here and by streaming the official music below.


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