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    Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving’s Return Rumor Begin To Surface

    Brooklyn Nets fans have something to be hopeful for as Kyrie Irving’s return seems a bit more likely halfway through the year. Irving has yet to suit up this season at all. While Irving seems to be maintaining his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine, the rumors of his return have resurfaced. However, the Nets guard has indicated to the organization that he may return at some point during the season which should give Net fans optimism, per sources.

    It’s still unclear how Irving’s return will be executed. Many believe, it can only be away games he attends, several rumors out there explain he may be entertaining the idea of getting the vaccine, according to The Athletic.

    Irving’s routes to return to the Brooklyn Nets

    The Nets have renewed faith in Irving’s potential return. Irving also reportedly has been in contact frequently with close friend and teammate Kevin Durant. However, there has been no indication there will be any changes in protocol going forward with the current protocols. This is mean it is purely on the team’s discretion to allow Irving to training in Brooklyn or not. Irving may grace the floor this season or a potential trade scenario can take place that will lead to him playing in another uniform. 

    In mid-October, the Nets expressed that they wouldn’t allow Irving to be a part-time player whatsoever. It seemed Irving would never play in a Brooklyn Nets uniform again. Although, with the extra push on management by Nets superstars, Kevin Durant and James Harden, things may change. 


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