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Dragon Ball Super

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Broly Storyline Gets Revisited in New Dragon Ball Super Movie

Broly of Dragon Ball Super is the focus dives into the now revamped history of the Saiyans, as well as the origins of Goku, Vegeta, and Broly.

Below is the new trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly which has been revealed from New York Comic Con.

The internet is going nuts about this version because it’s an English dub, in comparison to its Japanese predecessor. Check it out and leave your comments in the section below. What’re your thoughts?

In other Anime news, The Last Airbender is getting a revamp and relaunch.

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[…] Dragon Ball Super: Broly is finally here and his power is deadly. Goku and his crew will face the incredible power of Broly himself. The question is whether or not they will have the strength to contain his assault. Their home on planet earth is threatened and they have to handle it! […]


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